Sdewalk Shed

Sidewalk Sheds

We offer comprehensive sidewalk sheds services, handling every aspect from design and installation to maintenance and dismantling.

Pipe Scaffolding

Pipe Scaffolding

We specialize in delivering comprehensive pipe scaffolding services, catering to all your project’s needs. Check out more about our services.

Support Scaffolding

Support Scaffolding

We offer a comprehensive support scaffolding service, providing complete assistance for your construction, renovation, or maintenance projects.

Commercial Scaffolding

Commercial Scaffolding

We provide a complete commercial scaffolding service, catering to the unique needs of businesses and commercial projects.

Residential Scaffolding

Residential Scaffolding

Whether it’s a small home renovation or a large-scale construction, our experts provide safe and reliable commercial scaffolding services for residential properties.

Scaffolding Rental

Scaffolding Rental

We offer scaffolding supplies and rental options. Our extensive inventory includes a wide range of scaffolding equipment and materials,

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Construction Policies by DOB you Must Know

Construction Site Safety Measures

NYC Department of Buildings prioritizes safety and transparency in construction projects.

  • Chapter 33 of the NYC Construction Codes outlines key safety measures. Regulations include a smoking ban at construction sites.
  • Safety training requirements for workers are in place. Uniform color-coding of sprinklers and standpipes enhances safety protocols.
  • Plan examiners review safety plans to preempt potential issues. They also assess alternative safety systems and process safety waivers.
  • Contractors must register with the Department for certain construction activities. Daily inspections of various construction sites ensure safety and code compliance. Inspections cover high and low-rise construction, demolitions, excavations, and more.
  • Additionally, they audit Alteration Type 3 façade plans for compliance. These measures aim to uphold public safety and ensure responsible development.

Reference: NYC DOB – Construction Safety

Sidewalk Shed Regulations

Sidewalk sheds, temporary structures safeguarding urban pedestrians during construction or demolition, are regulated by stringent protocols. Mandatory for buildings exceeding 40 feet in height, their installation mandates prior approval and permits from the Department of Buildings.

Adherence to technical specifications, as per the NYC Building Code, is imperative to ensure structural robustness and pedestrian safety. Permits, valid for a year, entail renewal obligations to avoid hefty penalties.

Execution necessitates a systematic approach involving permit applications and adherence to fee structures. Shed removal requests are seamlessly processed via DOB NOW, ensuring safety standards before dismantling.

Reference: NYC DOB – Sidewalk Sheds

Unsafe Buildings Procedures

Unsafe Buildings jeopardize public safety, whether due to being open, vacant, unguarded, or structurally compromised.

New York City’s Department of Buildings pursues legal measures against such structures, guided by the Administrative Code’s provisions. Initial steps entail serving a Notice of Survey and Summons to relevant parties, urging corrective action.

Property inspections determine the severity of the hazard. If deemed unsafe and no corrective action is taken, a Precept is issued by the judge, empowering the city to conduct removal work, with costs borne by the property owner.

Reference: NYC DOB – Unsafe Buildings

Discovering a Red Flag from DOB? Let Us Extend a Hand!

Navigating Through Unsafe Building Notifications

If your property receives an unsafe designation, grasp the subsequent steps following a court hearing, comprehend associated expenses, and explore avenues for executing imperative repairs with the assistance of DOB permits.

Reference: NYC DOB – Unsafe Buildings Information

Streamlining the Sidewalk Shed Licensing Process

Securing permits for sidewalk sheds or supported scaffolds exceeding 40 feet entails a procedural journey. Familiarize yourself with the application protocol, permit durations, penalties for renewal delays, and crucial safety protocols.

Reference: NYC DOB – Scaffold & Shed Permit

Essential Criteria for Scaffold Projects

Dive into the nuances of permissible minor tasks, discern the scenarios necessitating a licensed contractor’s involvement, and discern when the expertise of a registered design professional coupled with a permit becomes indispensable.

Source: NYC DOB – Criteria for Project Implementation

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NYC Buildings Department Completes Guidelines for Local Law 97 Compliance

Commissioner Jimmy Oddo and Chief Climate Officer Rohit T. Aggarwala declare the completion of the NYC Department of Buildings’ latest rule package, pivotal for enacting Local Law 97—the city’s revolutionary carbon emissions legislation. These regulations become effective starting January 1, 2024.

Reference: NYC Buildings Department Press Release, December 18, 2023

Registrant Project Criteria

Scaffold Installation Authorized for Construction Duties Without Mandating Submission of Construction Documents for Departmental Review by Registered Design Professionals.

Reference: Project requirements registrant scaffold allowable without rdp

Mayor Adams Eliminates NYC's Lengthiest Sidewalk Shed

Mayor Adams and Commissioner Oddo successfully deconstruct the 21-year-old sidewalk shed situated at 409 Edgecombe Avenue, marking a significant triumph within the framework of the “Get Sheds Down” campaign.

Reference: Mayor Adams Takes Down City’s Longest-Standing Sidewalk Shed, Scaffolding

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